PARK•PADZ is a company providing underground parking users protection from damage to their vehicles resulting from incidental contact with concrete posts.

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What PARK•PADZ can offer you

Underground parking provides security and convenience but can also present challenges due to tight turns, confined spaces and visibility issues. PARK•PADZ are made from shock absorbing polyethylene foam. They are an economical way to reduce the risk of damage resulting from incidental contact with underground parking posts.


PARK•PADZ provide increased visibility for parking with LESS STRESS. The signature feature of black/yellow caution tape utilized in the PARK•PADZ system is not random but is based on science. Research has proven that the Black on Yellow combination is the MOST visible for all people (including those who are color blind) in all kinds of lighting and atmospheric conditions.

Characteristics of Polyethylene Foam
  • Durability
  • Tear/puncture-resistant
  • Flexibility
  • Impact/shock absorption
  • CFC free
  • Lightweight
  • Ozone friendly
  • Bacteria/mold/ resistant
  • 65% Recycled materials
The PARK•PADZ Advantage

The reality is accidents happen in underground parking settings.  Upgrade to the peace of mind of PARK•PADZ.

The Park•Padz Story

Our Origin

In 2014 a “necessity is the mother of invention” type of event, led to the development of Column Cushions. From this impromptu genesis, a prevention and protection system for underground parking users evolved. Establishing a new and innovative business model required years of development combined with refining and improving techniques. The dedication to providing a quality service culminated in 2018. The motivation to take this Halifax based idea to the next level started to gain traction. This new direction inspired a new name, PARK•PADZ, the next evolution of our value added service to multi unit properties, on a national scale.

Meet The Park•Padz Team

Allan Clifford
Allan Clifford
Chief Executive Officer
David Boudreau
David Boudreau
Chief Operating Officer

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