Meet The Park•Padz Team


Allan Clifford

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Allan will be dedicated to the success of Park-Padz, working closely with Dave who is truly the driving force of the company.

Allan Clifford was born, raised and educated in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The son of working class, principled parents, the decision to relocate to Halifax and pursue a life in the “workforce” was an early indication of quiet self-confidence. Over the next several decades, Allan’s career flourished with years of real-life experience in government, the private sector and entrepreneurial ambitions.

It was during Allan’s 8+ years working as a professional Property Manager, and dealing with the day-to-day problems encountered by residents, that resulted in the “idea spark” that has evolved into Park Padz.
Allan maintains an active lifestyle that involves some treadmill time, tennis, hiking, biking, playing left wing, a reasonable facsimile of a golf game, and travel with his wife and confidant of 25 years and counting, Jane.

Dave Boudreau

Chief Operating Officer

A Nova Scotia native now residing in Ontario, Dave Boudreau serves as Chief Operating Officer, responsible for the day-to-day leadership of Park-Padz. Dave’s #1 focus is to exceed expectations to optimize the customer experience.

After 2+ years of discussing with Allan how to take Park-Padz to the next level, Dave decided Al’s innovative system to help people who park underground was simply too good to pass-up. For that reason, Dave jumped on board with his friend to achieve their dream of helping people frustrated with unnecessary dings and scratches on their cars (that is, until they discovered Park-Padz).

Dave Boudreau has built his reputation as someone who takes a good business and makes it great because of his dog-with-a-bone passion for achieving business objectives, his relentless focus on customer-satisfaction, and ability to lead cohesive teams whose results exceed expectations. His knowledge spans Sales, Logistics, Operations, Customer Service and Business Development, along with having way too much useless trivia knowledge.

Dave holds an Accounting Degree from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax (Go Huskies!!!) and a Master of Business Administration from Schulich School of Business, York University in Toronto.

In his spare time, Dave is desperately trying to hang on to his youth by remaining active as an avid distance runner, baseball/football player, and golfer. In addition, he is actively involved in volunteering, is a devoted husband to Michelle, and loving dad to their beautiful daughter Kinlagh, and new puppy Harley.

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